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TPOB Troll Trimmer

TPOB Troll Trimmer

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Introducing the TPOB Troll Trimmer – Precision and Style Unleashed

Experience Precision - Unveil Sharp Lines and Designs with the TPOB Troll Trimmer. A Lightweight Powerhouse Designed to Elevate Your Grooming Game.

Key Features:

  • TPOB Troll Trimmer - Your Precision Partner
  • Perfect for Creating Sharp Lines and Designs
  • Runs at 6800-7200 RPM or 13600 Strokes per Minute
  • Lightweight Brilliance – Weighs Only 215 Grams
  • Ergonomically Balanced for Extended Comfort
  • Green, Pink, and Black Covers Included for Customization
  • Diamond Carbon XO Blade for High Precision Work
  • Blades Fully Adjustable to Zero Gap for Closest Cut and Finish
  • Lithium ION Battery for 3 Hours of Continuous Wireless Runtime
  • Rapid 1-Hour Charge Time

Elevate Precision: Unleash Your Creativity - The TPOB Troll Trimmer Redefines Precision Grooming. With its ability to create sharp lines and intricate designs, this trimmer operates at 6800-7200 RPM or 13600 strokes per minute. Its unmatched precision is a game-changer for your grooming arsenal.

Lightweight Performance: Featherweight Champion - Weighing a mere 215 grams, the Troll Trimmer is engineered to be exceptionally lightweight. Its ergonomic design ensures a balanced and comfortable grip, enabling you to work for extended periods without strain.

Customizable Style: A Splash of Personality - The Troll Trimmer comes with vibrant matte pink and matte black extra covers, allowing you to tailor the look of your tool. Coupled with its signature vibrant SLIME Green Colourway, the Troll Trimmer adds a dash of personality to your grooming routine.

Precision Blade: Masterful Detailing - The Diamond Carbon XO Blade sets a new standard for high precision work. Every blade is fully adjustable to achieve a zero-gap finish, ensuring the closest cut and impeccable grooming results.

Uninterrupted Power: Effortless Performance - Equipped with a lithium ION battery, the Troll Trimmer provides an impressive 3 hours of continuous wireless runtime. Thanks to its rapid 1-hour charge time, you can maintain your grooming excellence without interruption.

Elevate Your Grooming Experience with the TPOB Troll Trimmer – Where Precision Meets Style and Performance Knows No Bounds.

UK 3-pin plug

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