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Layrite Original Pomade 120g

Layrite Original Pomade 120g

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Elevate Your Style with Layrite Original Pomade

Unveil the essence of timeless style with Layrite Original Pomade, now available in the versatile 120g size. Crafted for excellence, this water-based pomade empowers you to achieve a variety of captivating looks, holding your style in place throughout the day while offering effortless removal with water.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile, All-Day Hold: Elevate your style with a versatile, all-day hold that ensures your desired look remains impeccable from morning to night. Layrite Original Pomade offers a dependable hold that complements your lifestyle.

  2. Easy Rinse-Out with Water: Experience convenience like never before. Layrite Original Pomade rinses out easily with water, allowing you to adapt your style as needed without leaving behind any residue.

  3. Ideal for Fine to Medium Thick Hair: Unlock the power of suitability. Layrite Original Pomade works best for fine to medium thick hair, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of hair types.

  4. Perfect for Short to Medium Lengths: Embrace the magic of adaptability. Layrite Original Pomade caters to short to medium lengths, offering you the freedom to craft looks that suit your hair's unique characteristics.

  5. Works for Classic and Messy Styles: Redefine your styling repertoire with endless possibilities. Layrite Original Pomade is perfect for classic, put-together styles as well as messy wet looks, allowing you to experiment and express your personality.

Unlock Timeless Style with Layrite:

Layrite Original Pomade redefines the way you approach hairstyling. Whether you're aiming for a polished, classic appearance or a more relaxed, messy style, this pomade empowers you to craft looks that leave a lasting impression.

Elevate your hairstyling journey today with Layrite Original Pomade in the 120g size. Experience the art of versatile hold, effortless styling, and easy removal. Redefine your style, embrace authenticity, and let your hair reflect your true self.

Directions for Use: Work a small amount of Layrite Original Pomade between your palms, then apply evenly to dry or slightly damp hair. Style and shape your hair as desired, enjoying the confidence that accompanies a look that stands out and endures.

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