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L3VEL3 Slime Hair Gel 250ml

L3VEL3 Slime Hair Gel 250ml

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Introducing a groundbreaking solution that redefines hairstyling—Level 3 Slime Gel. This super-strong hold hair gel is not just a styling product; it's a creative tool that empowers you to craft sleek, standout styles that exude charisma. With its unique goopy texture, Slime Gel effortlessly melds with your hair, allowing you to construct controlled yet captivating looks. Elevate your hairstyles with unparalleled shine, impressive volume, and captivating texture while maintaining full command over frizz and unruly strands.

Key Features:

  • Super-Strong Hold: Level 3 Slime Gel delivers an unwavering grip, ensuring your styles hold their ground throughout the day. From pompadours to spikes, your chosen look remains impeccably intact.

  • Long-Lasting Shine, Volume, and Texture: Elevate your hair game with remarkable shine, volume that turns heads, and texture that adds depth to your styles. With Slime Gel, your hair doesn't just stay put—it shines and thrives.

  • Enriched with Castor Oil: Experience a styling product that goes beyond aesthetics. Castor oil, infused in the formula, provides moisture, softness, and protection to every strand. It's a nourishing bonus that promotes healthier-looking locks.

  • Flake-Free and Residue-Free: Say goodbye to unsightly residue and flakiness. Slime Gel's water-based formula ensures a clean finish, leaving you with hair that looks as good as it feels.

  • Invigorating Fragrance: Embrace a sensory experience that uplifts your spirits. The refreshing scent of Slime Gel adds an extra layer of confidence to your impeccable style.

Master the Art of Creative Styling:

Level 3 Slime Gel is your creative partner, enabling you to explore new dimensions of hairstyling. Craft sleek or spiky looks, tame frizz before braiding, or experiment with textures that elevate your signature style.

Embrace the Future of Hairstyling:

In the realm of hairstyling, innovation knows no bounds. Level 3 Slime Gel is a testament to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It provides super-strong hold, mesmerizing shine, captivating volume, and enticing texture—all while taking care of your hair's health.


Level 3 Slime Gel is more than just a hairstyling product—it's a game-changer. With its advanced formula, it empowers you to sculpt your desired looks while caring for your hair's well-being. Let your style make a statement and leave a lasting impression with Level 3 Slime Gel.

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